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Home Automation & Security Solutions for the 21st Century

Home automation in the 21st century means your house can finally welcome you home. With the latest advancement in home security and connected "Internet of Things" devices, your phone becomes your house key, cameras turn on and respond to movement, and you can see who is at the door without ever leaving the couch. Future Smart Homes Today of Plymouth, Massachusetts, makes all of these easy for you to use, understand, and afford.

Security Simplified

While the technology for a connected home has evolved, the settings have largely remained the same while expanding to encompass new technologies. Settings like "Home," "Away," "Good Night," and "Vacation" are still the most common commands you'll see, but they control much more than your security system. Now, they can control your thermostat, lights, cameras, and even send you alerts and live video.

The latest solutions mean you no longer have to choose between walking into a dark home or wasting energy by leaving the lights on while you're away. Light controls can be installed and linked to your car remote or phone to trigger lamps as soon as you turn into the driveway. Specific scenes and moods can be set so the lighting is perfect the moment you open the door. If you forget to turn off lights when you go to bed, you can now turn them off from the comfort of your bed.

House at Night with Network Connected Security Systems in Plymouth, MA

Protect Your Home from Anywhere In the World

If your home will be empty for extended periods of time, vacation commands sent by your automation system can arm your security system, turn lights on and off, and move shades up and down. Unlike predictable timer-based on and off settings, automation systems can mimic your home's random usage patterns, making your house look truly lived in.

Your Daily Routine, Automated

Tie your home's sensors to an automation system, and they'll watch over the conditions of your home. Now, your home can do more than just send you a text, it can actively work to correct a problem. Water sensors can trigger your home to cut power and water to a laundry room if water is detected. Your lights can be set to come on when you arrive home, or to turn on and off based on the time of day, or where you are. When it's time for bed, the same "Good Night" command that dims the lights and locks the door can lower your bedroom shades for privacy.

Stay Informed

Your new security system can detect when someone has entered your property or home and sound an alarm. With automation, lights can flash and verbal warnings can be added. If this seems too extreme, you can simply have images and video sent to your phone by your camera system.


Sometimes simply knowing the status of the systems in your home can provide peace of mind. The user interface of your system, whether it's a touch panel, tablet, or a smartphone, can show you which windows and doors might be open, which room your kids are in, and other helpful information. You can even receive text alerts based on a variety of triggers in your home, like who just armed or disarmed your system, alarm notifications, and environmental devices that are activated, like water sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, and more.

Don't Forget a Thing

What happened while you were away from home? Your new home automation system in Plymouth, MA, can show you by displaying a log of activity in and around your home during your absence. You'll be able to track who entered the home and when, where they went, and when they left. This is a great feature for parents or for those with landscapers, pool maintenance, and cleaning people who visit the home. If you're leaving for work or vacation, your system can tell you if a window is still open or a TV is still on. You can lock up the home and turn everything off from a touch panel, tablet, or your smartphone.